Is Religion Good for Your Health? The Effects of Religion on Physical and Mental Health

Harold G. Koenig / Hardcover / Haworth Press, Incorporated / March 1997

This is one of the first books to succinctly review the scientific research supporting the connection between religion, mental health, and physical health, providing many illustrations and graphs that visually depict these relationships. The book takes you deep into the heart of the ageless debate on the importance of religion and faith to health. On the one hand, you’ll learn about important research findings from cross-sectional, longitudinal, an intervention studies that have demonstrated positive effects of religious belief on both mental and physical health. On the other hand, you’ll learn how the vast clinical experiences of leading health experts suggest that religion can have negative effects on health. Integral to the book’s exploration of the relationship between health and religion are the trends that have occurred in society over the last century. You’ll learn about significant demographic changes, changes in health and healthcare, and shifts in values, attitudes, and religious convictions, all of which have direct implications for health-care providers, the clergy, the ‘baby boomers,’ and older adults.