Speaking Topics

The Director, Harold G. Koenig, MD, has written and spoken on the following topics.

  • Religion, spirituality and health
  • Religion, medicine, and nursing
  • Religion, spirituality and mental health
  • Biological pathways of the religion-health relationship
  • Religion and coping with illness
  • Religion and happiness
  • Religion, purpose and meaning
  • Purpose and power in retirement
  • Spirituality in patient care
  • Faith communities and disasters
  • Religion, spirituality and aging
  • Simple ways to maintain health in later life
  • Managing depression (spiritual & non-spiritual approaches)
  • Integrating religion into psychotherapy
  • Demographic changes, health care, and faith community
  • Research methods in spirituality and health
  • Definitions (religion, spirituality, humanism)
  • Measures of religiosity/spirituality

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