Latest Research at Duke

Ongoing Studies

1) Religious vs. Conventional Psychotherapy for Major Depression in Patients with Chronic Illness (enrollment and study completed)

2) Effects of Stress, Psychosocial and Religious Factors on Health in Women Caregivers (enrollment and study completed)

3) Religiosity and Genetics in Relation to Substance Abuse (enrollment and study completed)

4) Spiritually Oriented Cognitive Processing Therapy for Moral Injury in Veterans with PTSD and Physical Injury (in development – seeking support – if you are able to help, click HERE and under GIFT DESIGNATION note “Please direct 100% of my gift to the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, fund code 391-7293, PTSD study”)

Recent Publications

Koenig HG, Perno K, Erkanli A, Hamilton T (2017). Effects of a 12-month educational intervention on clinicians’ attitudes/practices regarding the screening spiritual history. Southern Medical Journal 110 (6): 419-420

Koenig HG, Perno K, Hamilton T (2017). Effects of a 12-month educational intervention on outpatient clinicians’ attitudes/behaviors toward spiritual practices with patients. Advances in Medical Education and Practice 8:129-139

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